Sorry, just need to rant a bit…

Justin Trudeau made a joke about Russia’s  hockey loss and his opponents claim he isn’t taking the Ukrainian situation seriously enough.  Just because someone jokes around does not mean they don’t take something seriously when it counts.  In reality, it’s the people criticizing him merely to give him a bad reputation and the news outlets that are reporting this that are the real problem.  They go beyond not taking the situation lightly to not caring about it at all.   Instead of reporting on that which is actually important for the public, they’ll go and make something out of nothing for their own personal gain or to create a controversy where there is none.  It’s the people working in the news that need to start taking things more seriously.

Barack Obama took a selfie?  Michelle touched the Queen’s arm?  Hillary Clinton shed tears at a news conference?  Barack Obama bowed to a Japanese leader? Michelle has bangs?  WHO CARES?!?!

And enough with all these miniature little studies that “might suggest” this or that.  Give me a definitive, conclusive study or a meta-analysis of multiple studies and tell me a result that actually matters or affects anything. 

I’ve seen the news reporting on how a new study reports coffee has the potential to increase the risk of a particular cancer but more research is needed.  Then a few weeks later a study suggests coffee could potentially help fight cancer, but more research is needed.  Now we don’t discuss it in relation to cancer at all anymore. 

Why don’t they just give us something more finalized and conclusive resulting from a very rigorous trial or from the analysis of multiple studies.  I don’t need to hear the results of every mini-study that just gets people riled up or paranoid about something for no reason since they always seem to require more research on the issue anyways.   Report when there is something actually relevant and conclusive for a change.