Fracking Hell, Cameron!


The controversy which has surrounded the potential introduction of ‘fracking’ (blasting sand and water into the ground to release gas trapped in the rocks) has become well known in the last few weeks. On the one side, we have the tories and energy-monopoly corporations who argue for the market: jobs, cheaper bills, and a competitive edge for the economy. On the other side, left liberals protest the technique for potential harm to the environment, including the RSPB, Frack Off! 38 Degrees, Reclaim the Power, No Dash For Gas and Greenpeace amongst others.

Personally, I feel that nothing is justified simply because it may have economic gains (whether environmental or not). Where do we think the profit of fracking will go? I doubt very much that it will be used to offset energy bills (why would the ‘big 6’ turn down the extra profit?), I also doubt that ‘the people’ would…

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