The Highest Levels of Human Attainment

These are ranks of attainment that often coincide with perspective and personality. I’ve arranged certain individuals who have attained high forms of enlightenment into blocks representing a category.  There may be others who fall into each category, but I choose a few representatives.

Coming in at the top of the list are those having achieved Enlightenment (not to be confused with European-style enlightenment which ranks much lower,) Nirvana, or Mindfulness (stillness and tranquility of mind.)

Next are those with connection to what humans refer to as the soul – the realm often associated with psychological martyrs and bodhisattvas.

I should note that these rankings and categories do not come close to capturing every facet of humanity, but they are a useful way to help organize our perspective of the world.

Next are the artists, poets and geniuses who did not ascend into higher spiritual realms:

Next are some of the better scientists, thinkers, and philosophers:

And finally, descending into the levels of talent, (with certain individuals breaking through into genius):

It should be noted that people can move through different levels within a single lifetime. Both Emily Brontë and Emily Dickinson reveal through their poetry that they spent the early decades of their lives in Tara-level consciousness before experiencing revelations and awakenings that pushed them to higher levels.

Dickinson said she arose twice in her lifetime. One awakening was likely the jump from Tara level to genius level consciousness. Her poetry shows that she then passed through the martyr/Bodhisattva realms before obtaining her second major (and, likely, final) awakening: Nirvana.

As if I asked a common Alms,
And in my wondering hand
A Stranger pressed a Kingdom,
And I, bewildered, stand—
As if I asked the Orient
Had it for me a Morn—
And it should lift its purple Dikes,
And shatter me with Dawn!
-Emily Dickinson

In later posts, I will discuss talent of a more sinister nature:

What a person throws a tantrum over and what a person refuses to allow another person to believe tells you everything about that individual.


6 thoughts on “Attainment

    • rly1987 says:

      Haha, definitely true. Apparently, at certain levels of perception people “speculate no more” about such things and have the most important facets of existence revealed to them. But I have no idea how to achieve such states of mind and my attempts have just been me declaring “I am enlightened now” and seeing what happens (it hasn’t been working lol.) However, it has led me to look into the subject matter more. I wrote up some of my findings for anyone interested:


      • Krishna Dev says:

        After the realization of the fact that you are not sleeping or dreaming anymore and you have now awakened is an Enlightenment.
        Once you awaken, every perception of life changes. Things which you desired for earlier are no more part of your desires.
        This state of mind is beyond explaining. Words won’t do justice to it, maybe that is why the wise have always said that if you want to know whats on the other side you will have to come to the other side to witness it for yourself.


        • rly1987 says:

          The going from a world we know
          To one a wonder still
          Is like the child’s adversity
          Whose vista is a hill,
          Behind the hill is sorcery
          And everything unknown,
          But will the secret compensate
          For climbing it alone?

          -Emily Dickinson


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