Life Lessons

Life Lesson #99:  Highest form of intelligence is not knowledge or understanding or even imagination.  Highest form of intelligence is perspective.

Life Lesson #98:  You don’t have to be a martyr, but you need to pay respect to those who genuinely sacrifice for the good of humanity.

Life Lesson #97:  Beware anyone who is more interested in being the hero than making sure victims are saved.  They are worse than wild beasts.

Stop caring about heroism;  care about good people being rescued from disaster and you will learn what it means to be a genuine hero.

Life Lesson #96:  Bad people are pathological liars or able to change their entire person to match more dominant factions.  Beware these people.

Life Lesson #95:  For every fake there is a real.  Some people kiss up to any power while others are loyal to those who use their power in a noble fashion.  Some people lie pathologically while others must lie all the time to hide the fact they have truths too dazzling for darker eras.

Life Lesson #94:  There were times when evil kings rewarded slave drivers to sabotage every good idea that arose because if people were happy, they would see through the lack of substance of the current tyrant.  These people still exist.  Call them out as the pathological saboteurs that they are.

Life Lesson #93:  Saboteurs love over-complicating matters and don’t like simple effective solutions.

Life Lesson #92:  Wicked tyrants give out rewards for counting the most sand on the beach or collecting the most ant legs – anything to distract from more important issues.

Life Lesson #91:  Take one look at how someone treats the weak and innocent and you will know how they will treat you when you fall.

Life Lesson #90:  How someone treated you when you were a normal nobody is who they really are.  All people – good and sinister – are nice to those who are somebody.

Life Lesson #89:  The road to hell is paved with pathological liars PROFESSING to have had good intentions.

Life Lesson #88:  Forget rules and laws.  Your actions should be guided by your good intentions.

Life Lesson #87:  For those whose job it is to educate the public, your goal should be to make them smarter than you are.


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