Academic Crimes and Commandments

#10:  Thou Shalt Not Impede On Any Form Of Public Education In Order To Maintain Job Security

One of the greatest crimes of more sinister academics is to constantly uphold the greatness and importance of being educated, but then go out of one’s way to make sure the public is not educated.  Sinister academics always encourage people to chase a level of intelligence and constantly impede any reform that would allow people to reach it.

Ancient Korean scholars were upset when Hangul was first proposed.  It was too simple.  The public could easily become literate.  These are the same scholars that prided themselves in their ability to read Hanja and likely lectured others for not working hard enough to become literate like they were.  However, when others were granted the opportunity, these same scholars were even more upset.

People with narcissistic personality disorder are notorious for their false heroism.  They want to oppress you so much so that they can hand you scraps and pretend as if they are helping you.  Those with true NPD will steal your wallet, give you a sliver of your own money back, and expect you to thank them and praise them for their generosity.

In my opinion, if you are caught impeding the flow of education to the public within an academic or professional field by any means including intentional over-complication of what could be something simpler, then you should lose your degree or license and be forced to flip burgers at McDonald’s or do some other menial task.  This includes any academic or professional field whether that be those working in the humanities, sciences, medicine, engineering, law, etc. etc.

Academic fields are self-regulating professions that often have organizational structures designed specifically to deal with professional misconduct such as breaking of patient confidentiality for example.  Part of these disciplinary bodies should be a tribunal to prosecute those professionals charged with impeding the flow of information to the public.

Professions should necessarily be self-sacrificial in nature.  If your services are no longer required, then you lose your job, status, and title.  Period.  This is required in order to prevent professionals from impeding public education to save their own occupation.  The same should be true for any job.  Imagine a world where firemen went out of their way to bar too much education about how to prevent accidental fires in order to maintain a level of job security.  Most of us within the public would prefer for firemen to lose their jobs and be forced to find new ones than risk the safety of the public and community.  The same is true for any occupation, but is especially important within professional and academic fields.

For example, health professionals often criticize patients for using the internet to do health research, but they also do not set up a good legitimate website for patients to be properly educated on health care matters (at least, in my opinion.)  As a result, the more genuine health professionals feel overburdened by patient problems at work.

In order to fix this problem, academics and professionals need to feel less terrified of the consequences of losing their jobs.  In order for that to be the case, a level of socialism and social support is required for the unemployed until they can find new work.

That’s why I complain about traditional capitalism and those people who want to maintain a level of poverty in order to get people to work.  In reality, people who want to maintain a level of poverty do so pathologically because it gives them a biological advantage over others by letting them be in line with those who control wealth. People who are willing to keep others poor are less likely to be poor themselves.

That’s why I proposed High-Efficiency Capitalism – so that people cannot complain that there are no answers.

However, no matter where the economy currently is, when people enter a profession such as Medicine where the public’s health is at stake, I could care less if patients learn to genuinely and safely perform surgery on themselves and all the surgeons are homeless, out of a job, or flipping burgers for a living; if you are caught preventing the public from having proper access to health information, then you should lose your license.  And this should be the case for any academic field.

Frankly, there are too many qualified candidates trying to be doctors anyways.  Making it clear that the duty of a health professional is to uphold the health of the public even if it means the public is so healthy that one must eventually change fields will help select for those doctors who genuinely care about the public versus those doctors who just want to play “House.”


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