Saboteur Alert

As always every simple solution is met with a saboteur who discusses tonnes of extraneous detail around a workable solution so that by the time anybody gets through all the pointless asides they’ve forgotten what the suggested answers are.

Simple solution:

A simple fix for CEO salaries: James Cowan

Saboteur over-complication of issue with no solution whatsoever:

Why comparing CEO pay to average incomes makes no sense: Chris MacDonald

The CEO’s are ‘big boys;’ they don’t need people constantly protecting and standing up for them.  I find that pathological kiss-ups always defend people of high rank even when the bosses themselves don’t ask for such or even when leaders would be better off receiving criticism from lower ranks.  For people of high status, don’t forget: too many yes-men on board can often sink the entire vessel.

Of course, I still think the best solution period is High-Efficiency Capitalism so that markets can run more freely and people are just taxed more at the end of the day.  All anybody knows how to do nowadays whether it be in government, business, the professions or academia is protect their own asses.  Capitalism was supposed to select for the best and brightest talent at the expense of personality, but it can’t even do that anymore.  All I see now is selection for those most skilled at protecting their own lot at everyone else’s expense.  And then more decent folk must take up this practice as well in order to keep up with those who do such things pathologically.


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