I’m Happy for the Russian People

Here’s a quick breakdown:

The French can forgive the Germans because the Germans at least were honest about their country’s history and don’t try to hide the atrocities of their predecessors.

It’s more difficult for the Chinese and Koreans to forgive the Japanese because many in Japan as well as high ranking people in government still white-wash what happened, deny certain events, downplay death tolls and extent of atrocities etc.

People from other countries understandably have a right to despise Americans.  Americans have open access to internet and various outlets of information, an extremely high standard of living resulting from various exploits, and most still sit around doing nothing to stop their government from continuing to destroy the Middle-East while another huge faction are employed to find support and justification for such things.  (For the Americans reading this, place the blame on traditional capitalism; blaming yourself too much won’t help.)

I can’t say I know that much about Eastern Europe, but I know that unlike many Americans, the Russian people were also extensively victimized by the cruelty of the brutal regimes that did so much damage to Eastern Europe and surrounding areas.  Obviously it’s difficult for other Eastern Europeans to be happy for Russia given the history, but the people and the government are two very different things in Eastern Europe (in my opinion) where as within other Western industrialized countries the people are made to become as delusional as the oligarchs themselves in order to maintain stability and to be able to continue with imperialistic exploits.

Thus, I’m happy for Russians because they have been oppressed for decades as well.  I really did see something new and vibrant within these Olympics that signifies a change to Eastern European attitudes which could not only benefit Russia and the Russian people but other parts of Eastern Europe as well (in my opinion.)

And just to keep things fair, it bothers me when people talk about boycotting games because of the wicked exploits of their governments.  If you’re going to boycott every game held by a country whose government is guilty of human-rights abuses, you should boycott every single one.  When Orwell says stuff like “the British Empire was not nearly as wicked as the Japanese Empire,” all I hear is “those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder are not nearly as wicked as Sociopaths.”  It’s like comparing tangerines to mandarins. The differences are minor while the similarities are stark.

States are like people.  Fascist countries like sociopaths.  Countries like the United States are actually worse in my opinion because of how delusional everybody becomes and the level of pathological lying amongst the government and citizens in regards to how altruistic they are being when toppling freely elected governments of other countries.  (Those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder are the truest definition of evil in my opinion and would rather pass themselves off as sociopaths, bi-polars, borderlines and altruists before they are willing to own up to biological narcissism.)  (There is some hope for humanity to reform itself, but again, that’s a topic for another post…)

Back to the topic of boycotting: when Stephen Spielberg turned down Beijing’s request for his input into their Olympic ceremonies, he chose to attend The Kennedy Centre Honours and sit next to President Bush and other White House officials just a few weeks after…




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