Marbles In A Jar

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Open Positions

Marbles in a Jar is always looking to expand our writing team. We are currently looking for individuals who can provide consistent weekly/biweekly content in the subject areas listed below. Monthly columns will be considered, although they are not prefered. If you’re interested in writing for us, please send us an email at and our editor will be happy to determine if you’re a good fit for our team.

Literature  – this column would be dedicated to comprehensive reviews of various pieces of fiction, with a minimum of two reviews per month (exceptions may be made for abnormally long books). Book choices subject to review by editor. Classic works of great literature preferred over popular fiction. However, popular fiction is also welcome.

Philosophy – this column would be dedicated to pieces on various philosophical writings and schools of thought ranging from Classical Philosophy to Post-modern. A strong background in the classics and the “Great Books” method is advisable.

Math and Science – advanced knowledge of the humanities being rather more common than advanced knowledge in math and science, Marbles in a Jar is looking for individuals with strong backgrounds in these subjects. The background should be sufficient to enable the writer to do reviews of popular science books (such as Krause’s “A Universe from Nothing”), explain evolutionary theory, explain the “Big Bang” and other popular physics concepts, in addition to other less sensationalized scientific ideas. Writers who show themselves to have sufficient competence will be given free range to write on what they please. Minimum of one piece per month required.

Japanese Culture – this column would be dedicated to a discussion of Japanese culture, keeping in mind the popularity of anime and manga.

History – ancient, modern, or anything inbetween, Marbles in a Jar is looking for writers who are capable of pinpointing important historical figures and events and writing educational pieces on these topics.

Movie and TV Show Reviews – fairly self-explanatory. This column would focus on new movies and TV shows and critique and rate them.


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