The Azimuth Project

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What do you mean, “save the planet”?

We’re in serious trouble — for a short rundown, read this. It sounds pompous, but “saving the planet” is a convenient shorthand for tackling the complex set of environmental and technological problems we face today, such as:

If you believe some of these problems are important, and you want to solve them, we can use your help.

How can scientists and engineers help save the planet?

Many of the problems we face are fundamentally political in nature. But the world can’t wait for politicians to take action. There are lots of things scientists and engineers can do now, such as:

How will the Azimuth Project help?

The projects listed above are just a few of the many that are already underway. How will the Azimuth Project help? We’ll catalyze these efforts by making it easier for scientists and engineers to tackle environmental problems. We want it to be easy for them to:

  • see the overall structure of the environmental problems we face
  • access detailed information on all these problems
  • learn about open questions
  • find good projects to work on
  • find the people who are working on them
  • find relevant technical information
  • discuss ideas with people in many different fields


  • compare the merits of different strategies.

So, our goal is not to replace or compete with existing sources of information, but provide a synoptic view—a bird’s-eye view—of the information that exists. Specialists already know the facts in their own speciality. We want to make it easy for any scientist or engineer to understand the whole problem of saving the planet, and understand specialist literature in many subjects. After all, saving the planet is perhaps the ultimate interdisciplinary problem.


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