Nice Try Power

Samantha Power

Military Instigator

Samantha Power, now US ambassador to the United Nations is notorious for playing all sides of the field (in a self-serving rather than all-inclusive fashion.)

Clearly this woman has shown her willingness to do anything that will get her ahead as long as her current clique backs her on it.

In 2008, during the Presidential elections she had no problem slandering Hillary Clinton – calling her “a monster” who takes advantage of the poor.   Power, the queen of apologies, has spent 5 years apologizing for the statement after getting bad publicity in the New York Times.  However, Power’s personality type is one where she would do the same and worse to Miss Clinton under the right conditions;- a tidbit Miss Clinton would be wise to remember.

Power has spent a large portion of her career supporting terror at every given opportunity, with many in the blogosphere accusing her of weaponizing human rights and aptly dubbing her “the war harlot” due to her constant need for aggressive US intervention in the Middle East and other areas around the World with little to no regard for true long term consequences on the human lives in that area.  For US foreign policy makers, she serves as little more than a useful mouthpiece because of her innate obedience, lack of true concern for others, love of aggression, and aura of humanitarianism.

Social media has actually had influence now that people are more and more in tune with the true nature of her lies and deception.  As a result, it’s becoming more difficult for her to shamelessly support every potential US military campaign that arises.

But now that the Muslim world has a chance not to be completely crushed by US terror, Power’s strategy is to play that side of the field too.

Many were baffled by her ‘Daniel Pearl’ comment, where she basically accuses Pearl of being responsible for his own beheading.  What she is basically saying is “I’m also willing to switch sides and support the beheading of another human being by the “other side” if need be.”

People from all around the world and especially the Middle East would be wise to remember who Power truly is now that she begins inch-worming her way to safer waters and calls for more peaceful negotiations only because she can’t get away with her terror tactics anymore.  She has clearly shown herself to be someone who will say and do anything in order to sip champagne with the “right” people, only to abandon these so called loyalties at the most critical intervals.

If you need a specific person or type of person to blame for societies woes, Power would be up there on the list for her obsession with elite status, her detestation of anything associated with the lay person or commoner, her shameless encouragement of war and terror, and her incredible aptitude for apologizing and sucking-up only to betray others all over again when the timing is right.

If Power is so obsessed with humanitarian enterprise, she is best off working with the poor and homeless in America, where she can’t do so much harm in the name of benevolence, rather than advising on any type of foreign policy involving physical aggression on the part of imperialistic institutions of power and control;- number one, because she is only useful to create the aura of humanitarian effort and number two, because, frankly, she just isn’t good at it.


4 thoughts on “Nice Try Power

    • It can be really tough nowadays to find people who can review the countless sources of information and give commentary and perspective on issues that are reliable and trustworthy. I would recommend Noam Chomsky. He can be tough to follow at times because his writing and speeches feel like a lot of info at once, but he really does try his best to make his work as accessible to all people as possible. You can tell he genuinely cares about the plight of the middle-class American as well as the poor American and has been advocating for workers’ rights for many, many decades now without ever getting the level of recognition he truly deserves. I would recommend him as a pretty good source for some good insight into global (as well as domestic) affairs which can often be complicated by self-serving forces on all sides.


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