In previous posts, I discussed how the spirit of the primeval man and the link between the Ein Sof and the Ohr Ein Sof are concepts common among various spiritual traditions.

Depictions of the extremely close bond between the energy of Mary and that of Jesus are also common among different spiritual traditions.

In Christianity and Islam, Jesus’ energy is so intertwined to that of Mary that he manifests from her through virgin birth.

The Buddhist equivalent of Mary is Guanyin, “Bodhisattva of Mercy and Compassion.”  In Pure Land Buddhism, Guanyin is described as the “Barque of Salvation.” [1]

The energy of Jesus also has a Buddhist equivalent: the male Avalokiteśvara.

The Buddhist variant of Jesus and the Buddhist variant of Mary are also fundamentally linked.  Their energies are so close that they are considered the same person and there are stories that depict the male Avalokiteśvara transforming into Guanyin, the female Avalokiteśvara.

Prince Buxuan transforms into GuanYin:

Capture GuanShiYinCapture GuanShiYin2


[1] Guanyin – Role in East Asian Buddhism


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