Just a list of ideas I have:Idea Man

1) Inter-education: Education between high-school and post-secondary that allows people to become well-educated and even critical of what comes out of University Academia.

This idea is important because University classes are designed to select for potential grad students.  I think one can do better creative thinking when not being marked.

It’s important to keep an eye on what comes out of academia.  People with less technical skills, but great intuitive skills would benefit greatly from such programs designed to give people good background within various subjects to the point where they can come up with new ideas in each field and don’t feel the stigma of approaching the field from and “uneducated” standpoint.  (In reality, nobody should really feel that stigma anyway, but a lot do.)

If they are good enough, they can even slowly enter the field themselves – perhaps providing commentary into such areas, linking different fields together, and proposing new models and hypothesis rather than doing the regular work that Masters and PhD students do.  This is important to spark new life into every field; otherwise different fields will hit dead ends and then lose funding and jobs.

2) Californian Independence/Secession

California would be far better breaking off from the rest of the US and becoming their own sovereign state.  California’s incredible potential is being completely stymied by the backward policies and red tape of the US.  It’s way easier for smaller states to more effectively cater to their people.

China and India definitely need to take this into account.  There’s a reason mammals eventually outlasted the giant, lumbering dinosaurs.  Guangdong is also a region that would be better off doing its own thing than being held back by the dictates of a city far, far away.

3) Perhaps there should be two standard international languages in the future and people could learn one or the other on top their regular language to decrease need for multiple translators.

I would propose French and Mandarin.

French is already widely spoken and is probably easier to pick up than English.

Chinese is considered a simple language because grammar rules are not too complicated. However that leads to another idea:

4) Re-vamping Chinese writing. I think a simple mixed system would be best;- sort of like with Japanese but with a single alphabet, not two.

There are WAY too many Chinese characters. It makes it so hard to memorize and hard to create new words meanings and phrases. They should keep the most important characters and replace less important ones with alphabetical spelling.

5)  Another idea is for all the necessities of life to be free and for the market to exist only for luxury goods.  This is in line with Darwinian science where proper maintenance of the group comes first and personal status and rankings are actually secondary.

6) Instead of regional constituencies, it might be better to divide blocks up based on income.  This, way the poor actually get represented in parliament for a change.

7) A device added to all the water faucets, light fixtures, electrical sockets and heating devices in the house that shows exactly how much money is being consumed with digital panels similar to the ones people look at when they fill up gas.  When people see that letting the water run too long uses up an extra 50 cents or so every single time they brush their teeth, they will start to reduce usage.  It also helps people with not using too much water for the shower or taking too long in the shower since it’s easy to forget how long it’s been without a timer and easy to just let the water spray and spray even when you are just lathering.

8) Going back to idea number 3, it would be better if all of Europe adopted French as a second language.  Then the EU could spend way less money on translations.  They could put out one document in French and people just need to read that one document or translate to their own language.  That way you don’t need to translate each language to another language for every speaker during an assembly.  You just need to translate to French or from French for those not yet fluent in French.

9) Keeping tabs:
We should all create pages where we upload who we think are those people who are a problem in society. Karma is shifted over to the enlightened since truth upon truth is more similar to a light sufficient upon itself which constitutes the universe itself. Thus, the wicked who just shamelessly try to hurt another’s reputation will get it bad in the end.

Kali Yuga was merely the consciousness if a black hole as is the narcissist. It’s why Buddhists say the wicked are born in hell (real quote.)

10) Lots of people create own Shambhala with own rules laws etc.

People can collaborate too like for open source/public domain software.

People can run studies about how certain large-scale human behaviour such as markets behave over long period with “real” people (ie. Virtual citizens) in digital realm before trying in real world.

Keeps people entertained, engaged and connected so they can use their energy on virtual level. People’s need for complexity bad got real world because they over-complicate simple concepts and block ease and simplicity at every turn.

11) No sex for poverty week.

Weeks women say no sex to remind men to feed the poor.

3 weeks a year. One for community; one for country; one for outside of one’s country.

12) “I’m a selfish narcissist” day.

Just like those wrist bands for cancer. Wrist bands say “I’m a selfish narcissist.” Worst humans will oppose the idea the most. When people learn that notion, all humans will shut up and wear the wrist bands. But truly bad people still hate the idea of being exposed. Will naturally screw them up and give them bad Karma.

13) Print everything on childish looking paper (Eg. Paper that looks like it should line the walls of a nursery.)

This will force people to evaluate content rather than just the look and feel of the material being presented.

14) Forget “insurance” for drugs. Insurance is dumb because of the idea of not covering for pre-existing conditions. It should just be about coverage now or a forced “collective” group-insurance where the little things are guaranteed and the more expensive drugs are reviewed on a case by case basis to see how much should be covered (but where they are still covered • just how much is up for debate.)

15) Apartment complex for single guys with simple pre-prepared meals at cafeteria.  One that is happy and high-energy, not down-trodden like the ones you see on television.

16) Internet spring-cleaning where people delete all the useless sites and junk on the internet that isn’t anything anymore.

17) “What if Google Ads?”

I had a site that ran Google Ads.  I didn’t know which ads were running and the companies advertising using Google Ads didn’t know my content.  There is no fear that advertisers will pull out based on what truths or untruths I expounded upon.  Why don’t they do this for everything???

18) Gender neutral pronouns (

We need one set for those who are transgendered or intersexuals.

However, we need another set just for regular usage when referring to a third person.

eg. “If someone is being oddly quiet and withdrawn, he/she might be having a bad day.”

I’m not really referring to a transgendered person (though I guess I could be and that could be thrown into there as well.) What I am referring to though is a single non-specified third person where the gender could be anything.  Using “they” is strange because I’m discussing a SINGLE unspecified third person.  Thus, the English language needs a to solve this little nuisance.

The above link provides multiple solutions.  My favourite would be to basically use the male form (he/his/him/himself) but replace “h” with “v”: ve/vis/vim/vimself

eg. “If someone is being oddly quiet and withdrawn, ve might be having a bad day.”

“If someone is being a jerk, I’m not going to hang out with vim”

It’s best to peg the system to either the male or female set of pronouns solely (ie. one or the other) because it will make it easier to remember.  You can treat it like you’re talking about a guy or a girl and then just change the “h” to a “v.”


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