Article: North American leaders agree to work on butterfly protection

North American leaders agree to work on butterfly protection


Fracking Hell, Cameron!


The controversy which has surrounded the potential introduction of ‘fracking’ (blasting sand and water into the ground to release gas trapped in the rocks) has become well known in the last few weeks. On the one side, we have the tories and energy-monopoly corporations who argue for the market: jobs, cheaper bills, and a competitive edge for the economy. On the other side, left liberals protest the technique for potential harm to the environment, including the RSPB, Frack Off! 38 Degrees, Reclaim the Power, No Dash For Gas and Greenpeace amongst others.

Personally, I feel that nothing is justified simply because it may have economic gains (whether environmental or not). Where do we think the profit of fracking will go? I doubt very much that it will be used to offset energy bills (why would the ‘big 6’ turn down the extra profit?), I also doubt that ‘the people’ would…

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Stop Fracking; Stop Muskrat Falls

I first met Mr. Parsons when a group of environmental activists and I set up a shanty town outside the Muskrat Falls’ construction zone to protest the hydroelectric project as well as the province’s plans to implement fracking at the expense of the environment and despite possible health concerns for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.  Jon drove up in a bulldozer and told us to get our “hippy asses out of sight” or we would “be sorry.”  We said we weren’t moving at which point he accused us of being ‘ “fracking” idiots’ for opposing such infrastructure developments.  However, instead of trading verbal blows with him I decided to be the bigger person.  I sang him a single song.  It touched him on such a deep and profound level that from that day forward he changed his ways and never looked back.  And that song went a little something like this:   Link.