Insights Into Extra-Spacial Dimensions

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Fun Fact


A zero with a decimal and infinite 9’s after it would not be one.  However, the “…” implies we are looking for what the sequence is APPROACHING as you keep adding more 9’s after the decimal point, not what the sequence is.  The sequence would constantly approach the value of 1 without ever being one.  But we are looking for what the sequence is APPROACHING.  Thus, since a zero with a decimal and constant 9’s after it is always approaching 1 (even though it never becomes 1,) we define 0.999 as being equal to 1.


Scientists Will Have More Jobs and Personal Breakthroughs at the Bottom of the Totem Pole

In my levels of attainment I pretty much break things down into:


As in any group, there are a proportion of wicked people in each field that ruin things for everyone. However, when people define themselves as human beings rather than classifying themselves by their job, they can break out of their respective fields and mingle more easily with people in various fields. This type of interdisciplinary work sparks creativity and restores human sanity.

These rankings are not mutually exclusive either; however, having great artistic intuition can make it difficult to do math and science. (In reality, everybody can do everything; they just don’t know that they can or their brain subconsciously hasn’t released the potential because it doesn’t see the benefit for the organism. This is just a hypothesis.)

In many ways, society upholding science as the highest realm of thought actually hurts science. It causes science to stall. Scientists would have more to do if they saw great intuition as something they are trying to catch up to rather than something they have already transcended.

People in power often make scientists feel like they are not people and not good at anything unless they are incredible at complex math and equations. The “bosses” will praise scientists as being above all others when scientists are properly in line and give out “gold stars” to force scientists to over-concentrate on one thing and nothing more when in reality scientists could do the same amount of work and more while having greater all around perspective if not under the constant stress being put on them. Society makes people working in the sciences feel insecure about who they are – making it more difficult for many science-types to have meaningful relationships. Again, it helps grind people down and force them to be nothing more than pure math and equations. Invariably, when scientists run out of things to do, people in power discard them and look for something else more useful.


Fix It Yourself Then: How Math and Spelling Can Limit Creativity

Why are we obsessed with perfection in math and spelling?  In my opinion, it’s a form of psychological enslavement.  If we’re made to feel really stupid about the things that don’t matter, then we will over-focus on them and not focus on the things that do matter.

You’ve seen the type.  They have tonnes of spare time to blog on the internet all day preaching about the importance of spelling and grammar · condescending to others who make small errors in their writing · but they don’t have the time to just kindly fix the errors for the other person and move on?

Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory was laughing at one of Leonard’s algebra mistakes and faints when he makes one in front of Stephen Hawking.  I think the writers of the show got it right when they chose to depict Dr. Cooper as somebody having no breakthroughs mirroring how few major successes the physics community has had in the past decades.

Albert Einstein had sloppy math.  Good.  I prefer someone with sloppy math and good general ideas over someone with perfect math and no ideas.  If I was a mathematician, I wouldn’t chide Einstein for having bad math; I would tell him to concentrate on his intuitive abilities and offer to clean up the math for him after he’s done.

Albert Einstein and Emily Dickinson upheld intuition above all other things.

Darwin said his father had amazing intuitive abilities and never made any bad friends.

In order to study higher levels of biological selection past gene and individual selection, people will also have to employ their higher intuitive faculties.

The greatest artists and scientists uphold intuition above all else, yet our society despises it and replaces it with focus on perfect mathematical and grammatical consistency which is already known and can be maintained by legions of complainers who have nothing else to do.