I’m Happy for the Russian People

Here’s a quick breakdown:

The French can forgive the Germans because the Germans at least were honest about their country’s history and don’t try to hide the atrocities of their predecessors.

It’s more difficult for the Chinese and Koreans to forgive the Japanese because many in Japan as well as high ranking people in government still white-wash what happened, deny certain events, downplay death tolls and extent of atrocities etc.

People from other countries understandably have a right to despise Americans.  Americans have open access to internet and various outlets of information, an extremely high standard of living resulting from various exploits, and most still sit around doing nothing to stop their government from continuing to destroy the Middle-East while another huge faction are employed to find support and justification for such things.  (For the Americans reading this, place the blame on traditional capitalism; blaming yourself too much won’t help.)

I can’t say I know that much about Eastern Europe, but I know that unlike many Americans, the Russian people were also extensively victimized by the cruelty of the brutal regimes that did so much damage to Eastern Europe and surrounding areas.  Obviously it’s difficult for other Eastern Europeans to be happy for Russia given the history, but the people and the government are two very different things in Eastern Europe (in my opinion) where as within other Western industrialized countries the people are made to become as delusional as the oligarchs themselves in order to maintain stability and to be able to continue with imperialistic exploits. Continue reading


Why Win Gold When You Can Win ~**SILVER**~!!!

Both Kaetlyn Osmond and Mike Riddle are from Sherwood Park (though Kaetlyn was born in Newfoundland.)  Two Olympic silver medals for a town of 65,000’s not bad at all!

Yuna Kim also had to settle for silver – being upset by Russia’s Adelina Sotnikova.  The people of Russia must have been ecstatic over the result after thinking their shot at a women’s Olympic figure skating title was lost with Yulia Lipnitskaya’s fall in the short program.  But at the end of the day, despite the losses and upsets, people need to get over it and remember that these are “games.”Yuna Kim Figure Skating

The Question is “Why?”

All untruth will lead to greater harm in the end.

People should question the leaders of a country. But when Joe Biden tells this to the people of China, is he saying it to try to make the world a better place or is he saying it to create instability in a rival country?

When Sharon Stone argues for independence for the Tibetan people; does she do it because she cares about people or because she is jumping on the bandwagon of liberal Hollywood fads?

So with this new exuberance for gay rights sparked by the Sochi Olympics, it’s hard not to be skeptical over the genuine sincerity of this enormous and sudden liberal push in the Western media in support of gay rights. The problem is that those who are sincerely in support of such are done an injustice by various media outlets that are merely looking for an easy target. Any chance to paint Russia or China as wicked regimes (even if true) is exploited relentlessly by media outlets. Western media loves the tactic of flaunting the “rights” provided by the West denied by other countries.

However, insincerity always backfires in the long run. Countries like Russia, resentful of such exploitative tactics by the West, will merely become more resistant to change since any concession will now feel like capitulation to insincere Western forces.

The solution to the problem is to not let the artifice diminish the genuine support. Sincere activists should continue to support human rights; but with AWARENESS of the media’s flair for sensationalism and their device of creating more conflict than which genuinely exists just to attract (as well as distract) audiences.

Gay Austrian Athlete Says Fuss Over Russian Law Exaggerated

And is every colourful pattern that pops up going to garner an article about a statement being made?

Are They Sending A Message?